Weekly Industry Round Up

Dec 21, 2018


Opinion Of The Week

Twitter introduces emoji targetting for ads

Twitter advertising has previously been criticised for being very limited, in particular when it comes to targeting. However, an exciting update to the platform now enables advertisers to target people who tweet more than 3.2 billion emojis each year, ranging in anything from a smiley face to a love heart. The targeting works on the principle that someone who regularly posts the pizza emoji must like pizza and that a frequent user of the beer emoji most certainly enjoys a pint. One fast-food chain, included in the testing phase of the initiative, even noted 3 x as many engagements on their ad when targeting people based on their emoji use, over the traditional criteria.

It is worth noting though, that this is not without restriction and there are some concerns over the update, in that the platform cannot differentiate between sentiment or identify the context in which the emoji is used.

Instagram adds countdown sticker to stories

Instagram has introduced a new addition to its Story offering, in the form of the ‘countdown sticker’. The sticker allows users to input the name, date and time of a special event, breaks this down into days, hours and minutes and then transforms it into a countdown tracker that updates in real-time.
This is a really exciting feature for both brands and influencers, as it allows the opportunity to set countdowns to announcements, launches or any other upcoming events.

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Instagram introduces walkie-talkie feature in DMs

Instagram has rolled out another feature this week, in a bid to upgrade its ever-evolving Direct Messaging feature. This time, with the introduction of voice messaging.
With this update, users can now send voice notes, of up to 1-minute in length, that will stay in the chat permanently, so they can be replayed any time.
The new voice messaging feature could encourage users to spend even more time on the platform and use Instagram DMs to talk to friends or family when on the move, instead of making long calls.

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Tumblr will ban all adult content on the platform

Tumblr has made the decision to ban anything that could be deemed as ‘adult content’ from the platform, as of December 17th. This comes in the wake of an incident involving child pornography that saw the app being removed from the App Store for a period of time.
The ban has been on the agenda for a while though, and will cover all explicit content and nudity ranging from “female-presenting nipples” to illustrations of sex acts. Problems are already arising though, as the API which flags and deletes these posts is already incorrectly flagging innocent pictures and skimming over genuinely explicit content.
Considering the large proportion of adult blogs which run on the platform, this decision will alter the way Tumblr is used from now on, with users who create risqué content already making the move to other platforms which allow them to post more freely.

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Facebook's 'Trends To Watch In 2019'

Facebook has released a new report highlighting its top trends of 2018 and made its predictions on trends that look set to grow in 2019.
The report focuses on seven categories from ‘Beauty & Fashion’ and ‘Food & Drink’ to ‘Food & Leisure’, offering detailed insights into growth and discussion within each field and how the conversation has evolved in 2018.
Some interesting trends to watch out for include: ‘Beauty Goes Green’, ‘Selfie Selling’, ‘Bread 2.0’ and ‘Accessible Adventures’. Intrigued? Us too.

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Taylor Swift tracks stalkers using facial recognition technology

A facial recognition system at one of Taylor Swift’s recent California concerts was on the look- out for any of the pop icon’s hundreds of stalkers. The system was built into a screen, which played highlights of Swift’s rehearsals and secretly recorded everyone’s faces, scanning and flagging them to a command centre.
Facial recognition surveillance is getting bigger worldwide, and Ticketmaster has even predicted that tickets could one day be replaced with facial scans. Despite it being completely legal to employ surveillance in such a way at a private event, it has raised questions as to whether such measures are too extreme.
Either way, perhaps something to bear in mind the next time you spot your ex’s new girlfriend on a night out...

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