Social Roundup 28.09.18 – 05.10.18

Oct 11, 2018

Platform Updates

Twitter Makes it Harder to Share Politically Charged Disinformation

Twitter has announced they are cracking down on ‘inauthentic activity’ after being accused of taking an overly conservative view of how it thinks of spammers on the platform.

With claims that spam accounts have been accused of election fiddling, the platform has made multiple changes to the “elections integrity work” in the hope that they will be able to identify fake accounts and guideline violation more easily.

In another policy change, Twitter claim to be targeting what they call ‘attributed activity’. Meaning that if they successfully identify a rule-breaking account, they can apply the same penalty actions associated with the account.

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Snapchat Set to Help You With Your Holiday Shopping

Snapchat is set to allow all advertisers the ability to use their new ‘Shoppable Snap Ads’ just in time for your Christmas shopping. Directed at Gen Z users, mobile shopping is seen to be an increasingly favourable method of purchasing gifts.

Permitting brands to advertise a collection of products within one ad, by importing product catalogues, Snapchat claims that brands such as online retailer gained a 17% higher engagement rate with the new Shoppable Snap Ads.

More than 30 new marketing agencies are joining the Snap Partners program for marketers.

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Industry News

50 Million Facebook Accounts Breached

I’m sure we have all heard this shocking news, but not only has our security been breached but it turns out Facebook don’t even know if the attackers have misused the hacked accounts or accessed any information.

The hackers found a vulnerability in the platforms ‘View As’ feature, enabling access to user accounts. The company reports that accounts impacted will have been automatically logged out, and that upon log in users should be notified explaining what happened.

According to Facebook they are working on this glitch and have temporarily disabled the ‘View As’ feature whilst they investigate the problem.

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Facebook’s Former News Feed Chief to Take Over Instagram

Facebook announced on Monday that Adam Mosseri, who previously ran Facebook’s News Feed, will take out as Instagram’s top exec.

Rumours of growing tensions between Instagram and Facebook have been fuelled following the departure of chief executive Kevin Systrom and chief technical officer Mike Krieger last week.

Mosseri’s move calls to question how much Instagram will now change under his leadership. Autonomy between Facebook and Instagram has been reported to be diminishing, suggesting closer integration between the two platforms is likely.

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Pick Of The Week

Interactive Black Mirror Episode on the Cards for 2018

According to a report in Bloomberg, a ‘choose your own adventure’ interactive episode of Netflix series Black Mirror is in the works for season 5. This comes after debate over its more recent dedication to relatively positive endings.

Netflix has supposedly been working on interactive shows for adults, following experiments with children’s shows. This new sophisticated storytelling gives power to the viewer over the outcome, keeping everyone happy.

The release date for season 5 has not yet been revealed, however its speculated that it will be a fourth-quarter release.

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