Social Roundup 21.09.18 – 28.09.18

Oct 11, 2018

Platform Updates

GIFs are Sliding Into Your Instagram DMs

Sliding into someone's DM’s just got a whole lot more exciting… Following the launch of GIFs in Instagram Stories earlier this year, Instagram has now expanded the feature and will soon allow you to send GIFs in direct messages.

In this case, team work definitely makes the dream work. Following a few teething problems with the initial Giphy X Instagram partnership, when a number of controversial & offensive GIFs slipped through the net, the feature is now one of the most popular elements of the platform.

To use, simply look for the new GIF button in the compose bar – there, you will find all the most popular trending GIFs laid out for your convenience. If you’re looking for something specific though, you can search by keyword or simply click ‘random’ and surprise yourself and your friends.

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Instagram Testing Invisible Hashtags

Instagram is testing the waters with some cool new features; including invisible hashtags and geofencing options.

Great news for anyone who is an #instapro, captions may now become neater and more organised! Finally!

Additionally, Instagram is also currently testing ‘Geofencing’, a feature that will allow users to select the regions in which they want their posts or story's to appear – a great tool for businesses, this would help to spread or narrow down the reach of a post, depending on objective, and aid in the targeted marketing of organic content.

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Snapchat Will Soon Let You Shop For Products on Amazon

Snapchat has announced that it will be collaborating with Amazon, to offer Snappers a new image-based shopping feature.

All you need to do to take advantage is snap a picture of the product you’d like to purchase, on the app - the app will then link you to Amazon and display suggested purchasing options in a pop-up menu. You can also scan a barcode and it will directly link up and bring you to the check out.

With Amazon payment details already set up and ready to go for most, it should allow for a quick and seamless check out experience – not that we need another excuse to spend our hard earned cash!

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Industry News

Instagram Denies Building an In-Ap Regram Button

There's no smoke without fire – except for in this case… apparently. Instagram has shut down rumours surfacing about building or testing n in-app regram feature for in-feed posts.

The Verge recently reported that, following the launch of IG story sharing, users could soon be expecting a ‘share to feed’ button for posts too. The button, if rolled out, will supposedly be positioned in the top right hand corner of each post.

While the current reality of this has officially been squashed by Insta – this doesn’t mean that its off the table forever. Watch this space.

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Instagram Co-Founders Resign

Instagram co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, have resigned from the platform in pursuit of “rediscovering their curiosity and creativity”.

An internal feud or new beginnings? Following Facebook’s purchase of the original photo sharing app in 2012, there have been rumours circulating of tensions between the two founders and Facebook’s own, Mark Zuckerberg.

There seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging, with WhatsApp’s founder also stepping down recently, after the app was acquired under the Facebook umbrella.

While we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, one thing’s for certain… Mark Zuckerberg’s struggles don’t look to be over yet.

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Pick Of The Week

Robo-Teddy Raising Awareness

Attention Londoners! Don’t be alarmed if you see a sick teddy bear coughing around the streets of you beloved city in the coming weeks – he’s called Toxic Toby and has strategically been positioned to highlight the extreme levels of toxic air in the UK capital.

Toby is part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of London’s silent killer: pollution. You’ll find him dotted around town, in pollution ‘blackspots’ and, alongside alerting the general public by raising his hand to his mouth and coughing when levels of toxicity reach a certain limit, he also alerts live tweets data directly to local MPs, calling for them to back the ‘Clean Air Bill’.

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