Social Roundup 14.09.18 – 21.09.18

Oct 11, 2018

Platform Updates

Instagram Expands Its Shoppable Offering

Attention all shop-aholics… Instagram has announced that it will be expanding its e-commerce presence in the app, by allowing brands to tag products in Stories, alongside launching a brand new shopping tab, located in the explore feed.

Since the launch of shopping on the app, more than 90 million users a month hav e utilised the capability and with 400 million daily users on Instagram Stories, brands will now have the option to tag products there in the same way they tag in-feed posts.

The ‘Shopping’ function in the Explore tab will be located next to the other personalised ‘topic channels’ and complex algorithms, based on brands you follow and like, will make sure that the products you see are actually the ones you’d want to buy.

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Twitter Brings Back Its Chronological Feed

Twitter has announced that it will give users the power to choose how they would like to view their feed: in the original chronological order or in the, widely criticised, ranked feed.

In early 2016, Twitter introduced a new algorithm, ranking posts by popularity and relevance, rather than the time/date they were posted. But now, when you uncheck the “show the best tweets first” box in your Twitter settings, it will revert your timeline to the original, non-algorithmic, order as default.

In addition, when the “show best tweets first” option is switched on, users will be able to customise what's ranked as important.

Well, it’s about time.

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Snapchat introduces ‘Our Stories’ to Media Publishers

Snapchat is finally expanding its in-app services to publishers with the launch of its “Our Stories” collaboration, which will allow media publishers to build Stories from content created by platform users.

The in-app content management system will allow publishers to source public content uploaded by the 188 million daily users, and utilise this to create their own videos. Requiring little investment, when compared to typical content creation, it could offer a substantial ROI for brands on the platform.

With its launch, publishers will be able to browse videos by theme or location and there is even the potential to generate revenue by having ads run between “Our Stories” videos - a nice little extra incentive to get involved!

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Industry News

IOS 12 Rolls Out Some Cool New Features

It’s September, and we all know what that means… along with the release of the newest edition to the iPhone family, Apple also launched the latest iOS update - with a plethora of great new features including… a measuring app?

Yes, you read that right, iOS 12 integrates clever camera technology that can determine distances, and give you a (reasonably) accurate measurement of how long or wide an object is. The new feature can measure just about anything… except your productivity levels once you’ve been distracted trying it out for two hours!

One new feature that can measure your productivity howe ver is “Screen Time”, which will now allow you to monitor and manage how long you’re spending on your phone by displaying the average amount of time you spend on each of your apps, with the option to set personal limits on how much you use your phone.

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A HQ Trivia…The Sequel

Your favorite mobile game show, HQ Trivia, is releasing a new Wheel of Fortune-style game in October called HQ Words.

The sequel hopes to follow in the footsteps of the original HQ Trivia, which has been hugely successful and downloaded more than 13 million times, with 1 million gamers taking part in the live challenges for their chance to win a share of the prize pot.

With new copycat style games constantly being released, HQ Trivia has slowly been losing its ranking on the Apple Store over the past few months. CCO, Rus Yusupov, said “Games are a hits business and don’t grow exponentially forever”, so, in efforts to maintain momentum, HQ Word will be hitting the App store very soon.

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Pick Of The Week

Diesel Launches New Anti-Bullying Campaign With Celebrities

Fashion brand Diesel has launched a new campaign with the aim of tackling online bullying. The campaign features a few famous faces, including Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne and Bria Vinaite, wearing clothes from the Haute Couture FW18 collection, branded in hateful words.

The campaign – Hate Couture – is built on the premise that ‘the more hate you wear, the less you care’, with Diesel creating a selection of bespoke Hate Couture items for each each celebrity, based of the hate comments they have received online. Items from the collection will also soon be available for the public to purchase.

Bruno Bertelli, global CCO for Publicis Worldwide said the latest campaign is “about trying to inspire people not to take online hate seriously.” The brand even highlighted its own negative comments such as “Diesel is dead” and “Diesel is uncool.” The company will be donating all proceeds to its charity partners.

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