Social Roundup 07.09.18 – 14.09.18

Oct 11, 2018

Platform Updates

Twitter Launches Audio-Only Live Streams

Twitter has announced that its launching a new audio-only live stream feature, which will allow users to talk into the mic without being on camera – because, sometimes, you just want to be heard and not seen…

Podcasts are the most widely used and popular audio-only streaming service, with 23% of Brits regularly tuning in to their favourite shows, and now Twitter is tapping into the trend by creating its very own ‘live podcasts’. It is somewhat behind the times on this one though, as rival Facebook has been offering the function since 2016.

Despite this, the new found ease and accessibility of creating audio-only live streams, and the rising popularity among users, could help businesses to reach an even wider audience. The feature will be rolling out on iOS first, with Android following shortly.

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Facebook Renames It’s Canvas Ads

We’ve all seen the Facebook canvas ads on our timeline as we passively scroll through friend’s status updates, but soon Facebook will be enhancing and developing this feature further with the launch of ‘Instant Experience’ ads.

Facebook canvas ads offer users a mini website experience without leaving the app, and the new update is designed to improve load time and performance, making it easier for users to navigate.

The new name also comes with a range of new features to help businesses drive more sales, such as ‘Instant Form’ which allows users to quickly and easily share contact details and sign up to newsletters directly through Facebook.

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Video Tagging Comes to Instagram

The time has finally come to start tagging friends in your Instagram videos… Hooray! The platform is currently testing the option to expand photo tagging to include video content. 

The feature works in a similar way to photo tagging, but instead of selecting where to tag a person, videos will have a small icon appear in the bottom left of the screen where a list of people tagged will be displayed.

Once fully rolled out, the feature may also allow brands to tag shoppable products in branded video content - and it’s about time… Instagram is seriously stepping up its tagging game!

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Industry News

New Poll Reveals Social Media Has a Positive Impact on Teens

A new poll taken by the non-profit organisation ‘Common Sense Media’ has revealed that social media plays a key role in the lives of teenagers, helping them feel more confident and less lonely.

The survey was designed to highlight teens online habits, revealing that 29% of teens felt less depressed online, while 35% said texting is their favourite way to communicate with friends.

The findings also showed that only 15% of teens use Facebook as their main social network, compared to 68% in 2012. And, in a totally unshocking turn of events, Snapchat was found to be the most used social platform for teenagers, closely followed by Instagram.

Clearly the kids just love the selfies (& the dog filter).

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Pinterest Sees 25% Increase in Monthly Users

Pinterest may soon be catching up to Instagram and Snapchat, after reporting a 25% increase in active monthly users since September 2017, taking its total to over 250 million. The platform has also revealed that more than half of its users, and 80% of new sign-ups, are now from outside the US.

As the platform grows in numbers, ‘Pins’ are on the rise too - with 175 billion ‘saved items’ currently on the site. Due to its growth, Pinterest has also now hired more than 1,500 employees, a 32% increase since last year.

Pinterest’s USP is that its visual search tool converts users into buyers, but with Instagram looking to take over the e-commerce market, there might be some stiff competition heading its way.

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Pick Of The Week

Rihanna Gets to Work Work Work at NYFW

Earlier this week, Rihanna showed New York Fashion Week who runs this town with her provocative Savage X Fenty lingerie fashion show – and streamed the whole immersive experience directly with fans on YouTube, in real-time.

Fashion brands are becoming increasingly aware that, if their hope is to drive sales, they need to extend their reach beyond the typical fashion showgoers - compiled of A-list celebs, media moguls and industry hotshots. And Riri’s fashion week debut acted as a lesson for all in how to drum up a serious buzz, while still allowing broader access to fans and potential customers.

As live streaming of events seems to be becoming the new norm, we’re sure we can expect to see more of our favourite high-profilers livestreaming their product launches and fashion shows with us in the very near future!

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